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The difference between a logo and a brand; or, why design is like dating

Recently, I got an e-mail from a fellow designer asking me (and a few other friends in the design community) to answer three seemingly simple questions:

  • What is the logo?
  • What is the identity?
  • What is the brand?

One would think that, as a designer who has built her career on knowing the difference among these three, that there would be an easy answer to this. Interestingly, even among seasoned designers, this is a tricky question to answer in a soundbite-sized format, neatly organized into bullet points.

"Crowdsourcing" vs. Cheap Logo Sites

This afternoon, I got into a bit of a heated Twitter debate with logo guru (and online buddy) Jeff Fisher. The debate centered around the idea of "crowdsourcing," which Jeff uses to refer to sites like 99designs, LogoWorks, etc. Jeff believes, quite rightly, that these sites result in ineffective work that does a serious disservice to the client. To quote him,

"Too often [the] process fails to effectively include participation of end-user | client | organization | cause."

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