[Session Notes] Visualizing Information; UXPA Boston 2013

They are interaction designers, apply visualization to research findings.

Bring back frameworks, and methodologies

Shedding light on research


What is the diff between

Visual communication: transfer of information from one person to another using visuals

Visualization: the process of transforming the message into visuals.

Key word: message.


[Session Notes] Agile Usability Testing

Krug method:

  • One morning a sprint
  • Test 3 users a morning
  • Invite everyone to attend
  • Debrief over lunch: 1 hour
    • Focus on most serious problems
    • Only people who attended tests can attend
  • Report takes half hour to write
  • Devote one day to fix most serious issue

RITE plus Krug:

[Session Notes] Lean Prototyping; UXPA Boston 2013

Jason Stehle: @jasonstehle




The 8 wastes in prototyping

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