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[Session Notes] Financial Decisionmaking; Face of Finance 2013

Speaker: Colleen Roller

"Decision Architecture" - how do we architect to make better decisions.Why is financial decision making so difficult?

[Session Notes] Visualizing Information; UXPA Boston 2013

They are interaction designers, apply visualization to research findings.

Bring back frameworks, and methodologies

Shedding light on research


What is the diff between

Visual communication: transfer of information from one person to another using visuals

Visualization: the process of transforming the message into visuals.

Key word: message.


[Session Notes] Agile Usability Testing

Krug method:

  • One morning a sprint
  • Test 3 users a morning
  • Invite everyone to attend
  • Debrief over lunch: 1 hour
    • Focus on most serious problems
    • Only people who attended tests can attend
  • Report takes half hour to write
  • Devote one day to fix most serious issue

RITE plus Krug:

[Session Notes] Lean Prototyping; UXPA Boston 2013

Jason Stehle: @jasonstehle



The 8 wastes in prototyping

Session Notes: Lean UX, Boston PHP

Presented by: Jeff Gothelf Principal at Proof, @jboogie,

Lean UX is one solution to the Agile problem

  • Focus on delivery, not deliverables (build SOMETHING)
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Lean Startup

[Drupalcon 2012] Session notes: Designing for Media platforms

Presenters: Dave Leonard and Samantha Warren, Phase II Technology

What does it mean to design for media?

[Drupalcon 2012] Session Notes: Tapping into the power of user narratives

Presenter: Michael Keara, MyPlanet

What is a user interface systems architect?

  • equal parts listener and software developer
  • Listens to users and finds pain points
  • Understands software and how to build the technology
  • Focus: how to bridge the gap between the two.

Two doors:

[Drupalcon 2012] Session Notes: UX design for every screen

Presenter: Aaron Stanush, Four Kitchens

How 4kitchens has been doing websites for the past decade:

  • Requirements and planning
  • Site maps, user flows, wireframes
  • Comps
  • Implementation

The new way:


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