Gearing up to write

As I may have mentioned on this here blog (but also have been oddly quiet about), this summer is a Writing Summer. I’m in the middle of writing Drupal for Designers, a series of guides for O’Reilly geared towards designers who want to work with Drupal but don’t need yet another recipe book telling you how to download a module. It’s a great project, and one that I’m psyched to be doing. But I am noticing that the experience of writing a book, from a project management standpoint, is far different from the experience of creating a website. 

Networking: Why face to face matters

I'm a huge fan of online networking. I'm active on Facebook, twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn, a number of e-mail lists, and a few special networks for creatives such as Ember, Behance and Dribbble. Over the last several years, I've seen work requests come from around the country as a result of my activity online.

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