Study of French Drupal Contributors

In January of 2014, I traveled with a dozen students, two professors and an earnest French bus driver named Gerard to France, in order to study how innovation happens in cultures that are steeped in traditions, history and a language that is far removed from that of the United States. During the trip, we traveled up and down the countryside and visited cheese farms, a vineyard, and multiple roadside gas stations—and also visited Airbus, Dassault Systems, Michelin, and other globally operating French enterprises.

Drupal Contributors Pilot Survey

This pilot survey, conducted in fall of 2013 for a Research Methods course, looked at the motivations of contributors to the Drupal ( open-source project. Our goal is to assess differences in motivating factors between those who contribute code and non-code contributors. To inform future research on non-contributors, we also collected open-ended data related to those who had considered contributing, but chose not to.

Research, Eating Behavior, and Media Stupidity

Several weeks ago, the Harvard School of Public Health came out with a study that suggested the more red meat you eat, the more likely you are to die younger. The anti-CAFO lobby has, OF COURSE, jumped on this, claiming that there’s no control for CAFO vs. Grass-Fed meat, therefore the study must be bull.

Emotional Eating Diary Measure

Emotional eating is the practice of eating in response to negative emotions, like stress or depression. A longtime problem in my own life and my family, I started my final semester at Lesley University looking at the most current research about this behavior. What I found was striking: while researchers were clear that the behavior exists, the results of several studies could not show that emotional eaters actually ate more during negative moods.

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