Talking about Web Type with Jason Pamental

Rifling through my research files, I came across this great interview with Jason Pamental on working with web type in Drupal 7. Hope you enjoy!

Dani: Talk to me about web type. How do you find that web type plays into this whole Design for Drupal thing?

DrupalEasy podcast: Interview with Dani Nordin

It's me! On the Drupaleasy Podcast! Talking smack about Drupal for Designers, the Swanky Denver Hyatt, UX, and working with startups. Listen to it now.

Dani Nordin interviewed on Inside Digital Design

Dani Nordin of The Zen Kitchen joins hosts Scott Sheppard and Gene Gable for some insights, tips, and inspiration about her eco-friendly design business. Dani’s passion for design began with her background in theater. Leveraging what she learned about understanding and developing a backstory to get into character actually helped her develop her process and approach to communicating her design ideas with her clients.

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