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New Leaf Legal

New Leaf Legal, a bold new law firm in the Boston area, provides contract and entertainment law services for artists, entertainers and startups. They needed a brand that "didn't look like a law firm." They wanted something that showed them for what they are: a group of smart, tech-savvy lawyers with a passion for entrepreneurship.

The difference between a logo and a brand; or, why design is like dating

Recently, I got an e-mail from a fellow designer asking me (and a few other friends in the design community) to answer three seemingly simple questions:

  • What is the logo?
  • What is the identity?
  • What is the brand?

One would think that, as a designer who has built her career on knowing the difference among these three, that there would be an easy answer to this. Interestingly, even among seasoned designers, this is a tricky question to answer in a soundbite-sized format, neatly organized into bullet points.

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