[Drupalcon 2012] Session Notes: Drupal Media

Presenters: Dave Reid, Palintir & Aaron Winborn, Advomatic

Goals of the media project:

Drupal for Designers: the Series

My second book project of 2011 consists of three separate guides for Drupal designers and solo site builders: Planning and Managing Drupal Projects (released September 2011), Design and Prototyping for Drupal (released December 2011) and Development Tricks for Designers (released Jan-Feb 2012).

In which I vent with Leisa Reichelt, about UX and Drupal.

It was a dewy, slightly drizzly day on the Internets. I was on my third latte. 

Serenaded by the sounds of a bustling coffee shop in Prague, I chatted over Skype with Leisa Reichelt, part of the UX team that is responsible for the overhaul of both Drupal.org and Drupal 7. What follows is a rather incomplete summary of our conversation, which centered around the challenges inherent in doing, communicating and selling quality UX work. 

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

Entirely too long in waiting, Drupal 7 is now here (and running this here site!). APress, publishers of Pro Drupal Development among other titles, contracted Ben Melançon of Agaric to write the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7. He tapped his friends in the Drupal community — experts in site development, theming, and various aspects of working with Drupal — to help him complete this Herculean task.


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