Berklee College of Music: Internal Systems Redesign and Information Architecture Refresh

Over a period of eight months, I worked with the college to identify and organize content, envision and prototype new functionality, and keep the team moving forward quickly. The result was a widely-applauded new experience for the campus community, and development of a closely-knit team committed to improving Berklee.edu.


  • Meetings with departments across the college campus to uncover content needs, talk through requirements, and socialize a highly political redesign project.

Drupal Contributors Pilot Survey

This pilot survey, conducted in fall of 2013 for a Research Methods course, looked at the motivations of contributors to the Drupal (drupal.org) open-source project. Our goal is to assess differences in motivating factors between those who contribute code and non-code contributors. To inform future research on non-contributors, we also collected open-ended data related to those who had considered contributing, but chose not to.

Factors to Budget For When Planning a Drupal Implementation

This presentation, done for the Drupal Business Summit in 2012, covers factors that must be considered when planning Drupal implementations of medium to high complexity.

Taming the Beast: UX for Large Drupal Projects

This presentation, given at Boston's Design for Drupal Camp in 2013, talks about how to bring strategic UX to the planning and development of larger Drupal projects. 

Drupal Security: What permissions for settings.php?

The last couple of days as I get ready for my website relaunch and prepare the final production text for Drupal for Designers (which is currently getting ready for publication!), I've found myself in an interesting set of conversations over one of my recommendations in Drupal Development Tricks for Designers: mainly, that if you have to adjust settings.php in order to increase the memory limit for Drupal (a not uncommon occurrence), you must remember to set the permissions for that file back to 444 once you're done.

Drupalcon Sprint: Workbench Module

At Drupalcon 2012, I participated in a design sprint for the Workbench module. Workbench allows clients with content-heavy workflows to incorporate moderation and review processes into their site. 

My contributions to the sprint included: 

Drupal for Designers: the Book

This book, which combines the first three Drupal for Designers guides with new and updated material, a more logical flow and better grammar, will be released in August of 2012. In it, I cover everything from planning and estimating projects to UX, visual design, theming and site building in Drupal. From O'Reilly:

[Drupalcon 2012] Session notes: Designing for Media platforms

Presenters: Dave Leonard and Samantha Warren, Phase II Technology

What does it mean to design for media?


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