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Axure Prototyping for Drupal

Presented at Drupalcon Austin, June 2014

Presented at Drupalcon Amsterdam, October 2014

What question(s) does this session answer?

Elements of Design for Content Management Systems

This presentation was given to students at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts as part of a course called Usability, Information Architecture and Layout for the Web.

Taming the Beast: UX for Large Drupal Projects

This presentation, given at Boston's Design for Drupal Camp in 2013, talks about how to bring strategic UX to the planning and development of larger Drupal projects. 

Creating Fireworks Templates for Drupal: D4D Boston, 2012

This presentation, given at Boston's Design for Drupal Camp in July 2012, outlines a rationale and framework for rapidly creating and iterating Fireworks layouts for Drupal implementations. The benefits to Fireworks as a layout tool for the web are many, including better/easier handling of vectors and round corners, text styles and shared layers that allow for rapid iteration across multiple layouts, and the ability to include multiple pages in a single document.

Drupal Site Planning: Let User Experience Guide Workflow

Too many websites start with a list of functionality, and get straight into building out wireframes and prototypes without a solid sense of who their users are and what experience they’re looking to have with your site. The result? A website that isn’t effective at reaching the audience that you need to reach, or extra work re-doing things during development once you realize that users don’t actually need it, or need something different. This presentation outlines a simple, practical approach to user experience that you can use to start a site plan on the right foot.

[Drupalcon 2012] Session notes: Designing for Media platforms

Presenters: Dave Leonard and Samantha Warren, Phase II Technology

What does it mean to design for media?

O'Reilly Webcast: Talking to Clients about Drupal

In this presentation, done for Planning and Managing Drupal Projects, I walk listeners through the typical lifecycle of a Drupal project. I also talk about:

  • How to help clients understand Drupal without resorting to DrupalSpeak (and confusing the heck out of them)
  • How to get the information you need to put together a strong proposal
  • Strategies for walking clients through the Drupal design and implementation process
  • Some common red flags to look out for when talking to prospects.

Gearing up to write

As I may have mentioned on this here blog (but also have been oddly quiet about), this summer is a Writing Summer. I’m in the middle of writing Drupal for Designers, a series of guides for O’Reilly geared towards designers who want to work with Drupal but don’t need yet another recipe book telling you how to download a module. It’s a great project, and one that I’m psyched to be doing. But I am noticing that the experience of writing a book, from a project management standpoint, is far different from the experience of creating a website. 

In which I vent with Leisa Reichelt, about UX and Drupal.

It was a dewy, slightly drizzly day on the Internets. I was on my third latte. 

Serenaded by the sounds of a bustling coffee shop in Prague, I chatted over Skype with Leisa Reichelt, part of the UX team that is responsible for the overhaul of both and Drupal 7. What follows is a rather incomplete summary of our conversation, which centered around the challenges inherent in doing, communicating and selling quality UX work. 

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