Elements of Design for Content Management Systems

This presentation was given to students at Boston University's Center for Digital Imaging Arts as part of a course called Usability, Information Architecture and Layout for the Web.

Targeting your audience: Don't forget the people you don't want to attract

At the most recent Design for Drupal Camp, I ran into someone who had attended a previous session I'd given at 2010's Camp about letting user experience guide Drupal workflow. In that session, I had discussed ways of quickly uncovering your target audience, and I mentioned the idea of starting with the people you don't want to attract, and building out your personas towards the people you do want to attract. My new friend was intrigued by the idea, and asked me to speak to the subject in a blog post. 

Design and Your Brand

Given for the Downtown Women's Club in 2009, this presentation goes over some key design principles that entrepreneurs should be aware of when branding their business. Topics include:

  • What a brand is (and isn't);
  • What your materials say about your organization;
  • How much to budget for the basics: logo, website, business cards, etc.
  • How to find the right designer or team for your project, and how to work with them effectively;
  • Some simple DIY tips for the occasional project you have to handle on your own.

On Making

This week, as I was sitting down for a chat with Jeff Freedman, founder of Small Army, he asked me one of the most interesting questions I've heard in a while. We had been talking about the agency's unique approach to advertising, and the challenges inherent in getting clients and designers to think beyond features, benefits and pictures and into the story behind what we're doing.

Evaluating the Work Environment

Recently, I decided on a whim to pick up The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin at my local bookstore. In it, the writer, a journalist by trade, decides to spend a year of her life in a systematic approach to increase her general happiness.

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