Design and Your Brand

Given for the Downtown Women's Club in 2009, this presentation goes over some key design principles that entrepreneurs should be aware of when branding their business. Topics include:

  • What a brand is (and isn't);
  • What your materials say about your organization;
  • How much to budget for the basics: logo, website, business cards, etc.
  • How to find the right designer or team for your project, and how to work with them effectively;
  • Some simple DIY tips for the occasional project you have to handle on your own.

DiMella Shaffer

This Boston architecture firm needed to standardize their brand identity and create a flexible, integrated marketing system that made it easy to prepare complex proposals, tradeshow materials and press kits without sacrificing their ability to customize content according to the situation. Working with design director Rod Tilley, I helped the organization create a fully integrated set of design standards and marketing templates that could be run off on a standard color copier, or on a digital press when needed.

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