Web Syllabus

Needs Analysis brainstorm
User Personas.
Study context findings.

I worked with the College to apply user-centered design and requirements gathering to a variety of internal projects.

Babson College, an international business school located in Wellesley, MA and San Francisco, is using Drupal to improve upon key aspects of the school's Learning Management System (LMS). I worked with the College to develop user research, create wireframes, specifications and prototypes, and gather requirements for several components of this system.

My contributions to the projects included: 

  • initial definition of core user groups, and guidelines for recruiting interview participants;
  • a series of user interviews, conducted with people internal to the College as well as individuals outside the College who could balance out the perspective from the larger higher-ed experience;
  • collection of research findings into user journeys, personas, and a comprehensive Needs Analysis—which matched functional requirements to user needs, difficulty to build and assumed priority;
  • creation of an early prototype in Drupal 6 for review, including complex content types, Views, and node relationships; 
  • creation of wireframes, user flows and a complete Functional Spec in Axure;
  • creation of development tasks for the team based on approved wireframes and user flows; 
  • management of multiple stakeholder relationships in a dynamic environment.
Team Members: 
Sam Dunn, CTO
James Barnett, Drupal Developer
Christopher Akeley, Drupal Developer

Client: Babson College

What they Do: Global Business Education