UXC Content Strategy

A local agency with a global reach needed to upgrade its content to show the depth of its expertise. I helped them put together an action plan for creating great content.

The Bentley User Experience Center provides user research, usability testing and design strategy for a global list of clients, and performs over 50 studies per year in its two usability labs. They needed their website content to reflect their unique expertise, and help them continue growing in their innovation and strategy work. During my last semester as a Research Associate, I worked with them to create an action plan for keeping the content on their website fresh, compelling, and up to date - without sacrificing their focus on serving their clients.

Contributions to Project: 
  • Worked with stakeholders to clarify content priorities and identify key projects to highlight for site visitors.
  • Developed a standard format for client case studies that was compelling, but quick to write.
  • Created content for several high-priority pages within the site, including descriptions of key services and case studies.
  • Developed a series of short, 1-sentence project highlight "blurbs" that made it easy for senior staff to help with content creation.
Team Members: 
David Juhlin, Usability Specialist
William Albert, Executive Director

Client: Bentley User Experience Center

What they Do: User Research and Design Strategy