UX Strategy for Intuit

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Journey Mapping Workshop
Customer Journeys
Design Principles

I worked with a team of Bentley HFID students to organize research, synthesize findings and create customer journey maps and a set of design principles to create emotionally transformative product experiences at Intuit. 

The design leadership at Intuit wanted to know what elements can take otherwise negative or emotionally challenging experiences—such as those that many of us face when dealing with personal finances—and turn them into surprisingly positive, perhaps even delightful, experiences that encourage changes in behavior. I worked with a team of three other Bentley HFID students, collectively called "Pelican XD," to brainstorm, craft and implement a research plan, and combine findings from user research with insights from social and behavioral science literature into a comprehensive presentation for the Intuit team, complete with a set of comprehensive customer journeys, and a list of overarching design principles for emotionally transformative product experiences.

Contributions to Project: 
  • Participating in brainstorming sessions with team members to help guide and shape user research;
  • Crafting an overall research question and interview protocol used by the team;
  • Conducting approximately 12 interviews, which occurred both face-to-face and over social media;
  • Working with team members to synthesize results into a set of guidelines;
  • Crafting the overall structure and brand approach for the presentation;
  • Collaborating on the layout and design of customer journeys with another team member;
  • Working with team members to create the final presentation;
  • Delivering the final presentation both in class, and to the team at Intuit, and facilitating discussion of the results with the Intuit team.
Team Members: 
Kristen Bernard
Shane Patton
Raul Estrada

File Download(s) 

Client Presentation (presented via Google Hangout) Full Research Report (provided to client after presentation)


Client: Intuit

What they Do: Personal and small business finance software