Staples iPhone App Usability Study

Usability Test Report

I worked with a team of top-notch Bentley HFID students to conduct an expert review, craft a test protocol, and run 14 usability testing sessions at the Bentley User Experience Center for Staples' new iPhone application.

Staples, the office supply superstore headquartered in Framingham, MA, needed a team to conduct several usability tests of its recently redesigned mobile application. I worked with a team of Bentley students to evaluate the application, create a testing protocol and related test materials, and run the usability lab at the Bentley User Experience Center for a total of 8 sessions. An additional 6 sessions were conducted at Promedica in the Bay area, organized by Ryan Day and Kim Gautho. 

Contributions to Project: 

I served as the liaison between the student team and both the Bentley User Experience Center and the Staples team. As such, I helped organize the overall effort, craft the test plan and related materials, collect and document participant compensation, and present the final testing report to the Staples team. As the liaison between the team and the Bentley User Experience Center, I also participated and helped run the usability lab for all 8 sessions that took place at the Center.

Team Members: 
Damon Kiesow
Alison Decker
Ryan Day
Kim Gautho

File Download(s) 

Expert Review: Created prior to test plan Testing Report Moderator's Guide Final Test Plan


Client: Staples

What they Do: Retail