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identity design and website for Boston-area legal superstars.

New Leaf Legal, a bold new law firm in the Boston area, provides contract and entertainment law services for artists, entertainers and startups. They needed a brand that "didn't look like a law firm." They wanted something that showed them for what they are: a group of smart, tech-savvy lawyers with a passion for entrepreneurship.

I worked with founders Jessica Manganello, Shannon Jamieson and Stephen Shapiro to create a unique positioning and identity that set them apart from other legal firms in the area. The brand is fresh, technologically focused, and vibrant — much like the people who run the company. 

Co-founder Stephen Shapiro (now with the FBI; Jess and Shannon are running the firm with a third attorney, Jean Terranova) said of the firm's look: 

After attending a big trade show last week armed with new business cards designed by the zen kitchen, I received dazzling compliments every time I handed one over. Dani's work is first rate and she was a pleasure to work with on our branding exercise.


Client: New Leaf Legal

What they Do: Legal Services for Arts, Entertainment and Emerging Businesses

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