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I worked with a team at the Bentley User Experience Center to synthesize research findings into a comprehensive Axure prototype for a regional bank.

A regional bank in the New England Area contracted with the Bentley UXC to test their existing information architecture and help redesign their website. I worked with the team to prototype key areas of the site, including an overview of the mobile navigation.


  • Streamline the client’s existing navigation structure;
  • Explore new options for showcasing promotional content;
  • Create a more user-centered design and validate it through testing.


Contributions to Project: 

The full project included an information architecture validation study using TreeJack, followed by the completion of an Axure prototype by the team, and a round of usability testing of the prototype. My role was to incorporate the test findings into a new, redesigned prototype that would serve as the final deliverable for the client.

  • Axure Prototype: Created the foundation for a full prototype in Axure Pro 7. Refined prototype functionality that had been validated in user testing, and added entirely new features, including a rebuilt navigation and footer area, a mobile navigation flow and two new content sections.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Worked with stakeholders both on the client team and the developer team to assess and refine the prototype’s functionality and requirements, and to assess the feasibility of the development.
  • Project Collaboration: Used Axure’s team project function to collaborate on the prototype with the entire team, refining and making adjustments, as well as providing training support where needed.


Team Members: 
David Juhlin, Bentley UXC
Saloni Borar, Bentley UXC
Adi Meir, Bentley UXC

Client: Bentley User Experience Center

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