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Promotional site for the Drupal for Designers series. Built in Drupal 7, and themed using the Square Grid theme by Laura Scott. 

The Drupal for Designers series, my second book project in 2011, walks designers through various elements of the Drupal design process, from working with clients and estimating projects to sketching and creating layouts that work with Drupal instead of against it. I even teach designers how to work with Drush! (cue evil laughing). 

To support the site, I decided to practice what I preach and put some of the methods I talk about in the book to good use. Although I write about the Omega base theme in Drupal for Designers, I discovered the Square Grid theme for Drupal 7 after I became frustrated with trying to make a few of my design decisions work in the Omega theme. Square Grid is also responsive, but it doesn't have the GUI interface, and isn't HTML5 ready yet. Despite this, it's significantly less bulky than Omega, and very easy to get the hang of, even with having to deal with a bit of template.php. Laura Scott of PingV, the theme's creator, was even kind enough to include an example template.php file that I could copy into my child theme and customize. 

The site includes extended interviews from the people I spoke to for the book, and resources I've found along the way. I'm going to be updating it with resources and more content as I continue writing the book.


Client: Self/O'Reilly Media

What they Do: A new Drupal series from O'Reilly Media

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