Drupal Contributors Pilot Survey

This pilot survey looked at the people who contribute to Drupal, what motivates them, and why people who otherwise want to contribute don't.

This pilot survey, conducted in fall of 2013 for a Research Methods course, looked at the motivations of contributors to the Drupal (drupal.org) open-source project. Our goal is to assess differences in motivating factors between those who contribute code and non-code contributors. To inform future research on non-contributors, we also collected open-ended data related to those who had considered contributing, but chose not to.

Data came from a convenience sample of 100 Drupal community members, recruited from my social network, including my Twitter and Facebook groups. Preliminary results indicate that commitment to open-source ideology was a major motivator for both code and non-code contributors, as was the desire to give back to the Drupal community. However, most data collected was from developers, with a much smaller sample of designers and other non-code contributors. Open-ended data collected from non-contributors revealed some interesting reasons for not contributing, including a sense of "cliquishness" from the community, and the concern that non-code contributions would not be valued.

Additional research will be done in Spring/Summer 2014, using an updated version of the survey, as part of my thesis research.

All work was done as part of my graduate coursework at Bentley University. Thanks go to Adi Meir for collaboration on both the survey instrument and the data analysis, and to the Drupal community for being willing to participate in the survey.

Team Members: 
Adi Meir, Bentley University
Marc Resnick, Bentley University, Advisor

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Pilot Survey Report


Client: Bentley University Coursework