Control Loop Software Redesign

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I worked with a team at the Bentley User Experience Center to plan and implement a round of formative usability testing for a complex process control software package, and created a set of documentation to support a redesign.

This software system helps process control engineers monitor industrial valves across a variety of industries. With so much on the line, they needed a new design that made the most important data easy to find—while still giving them access to a rich library of reporting, analysis and adjustment tools.

Project Goals:

  1. Identify the major task flows for a complex system;
  2. Find the areas of the system that required the most and least priority in the interface;
  3. Create a streamlined design to improve efficiency and reduce potential mistakes.
Contributions to Project: 
  • Usability Testing: Worked with UXC team to plan and implement a remote usability test with 6 participants recruited by client. Analyzed key findings and wrote first draft of testing report.
  • User Flows: Identified and modeled primary task flows through the system and used those flows as the basis for a prototype.
  • Axure Prototype and Specification Document: Created a complete prototype in Axure RP, including comprehensive annotations and a detailed specification. Optimized colors for time data to improve visibility.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: worked with stakeholders to identify issues with the prototype, refine ideas, and defend the team’s design decisions.


Team Members: 
Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Project Lead
Heather Wright-Karlson

Client: Bentley User Experience Center