Berklee College of Music: Internal Systems Redesign and Information Architecture Refresh

Berklee College of Music, an internationally renowned music school, was moving from two legacy internal systems into a new experience built in Drupal 7. Dani Nordin worked with the College to develop user research, create wireframes, specifications and prototypes, and gather requirements for several major components of this system.

Over a period of eight months, I worked with the college to identify and organize content, envision and prototype new functionality, and keep the team moving forward quickly. The result was a widely-applauded new experience for the campus community, and development of a closely-knit team committed to improving


  • Meetings with departments across the college campus to uncover content needs, talk through requirements, and socialize a highly political redesign project.

  • Analysis of existing content across all three systems being integrated, and identification of relevant content to be retained, as well as duplicate and incomplete content.

  • Created sketches, prototypes and other design deliverables using a variety of methods to help the team iterate and come to consensus on design prior to implementation in Drupal 7.

Contributions to Project: 
  • Complete reorganization of information architecture for, which included reorganization of over thousands of pages and files, representing the content of 98 different departments.
  • Development of training materials for content managers, including teaching workshops for content managers prior to launch;
  • Recruitment of talent for the team, including Drupal developers and a project manager.
  • Design of several key areas of site functionality, including:
    • Department sub-sites;
    • Faculty/Staff/Student Directory;
    • Berklee Today Magazine;
    • College-wide announcements dashboard and topic subscription mechanism.
Team Members: 
Bob Melvin, Lead Architect
Stefanie Henning, General Manager
Sarah Fleishmann, Content Strategist
Chris Akeley, Drupal Developer
Rajeev Singh, Front-End Developer

Client: Berklee College of Music

What they Do: Musical Education