Visual Design and Branding

I love working with clients to uncover their positioning and communicate it across a range of media.

Drupal for Designers Website

The Drupal for Designers series, my second book project in 2011, walks designers through various elements of the Drupal design process, from working with clients and estimating projects to sketching and creating layouts that work with Drupal instead of against it. I even teach designers how to work with Drush! (cue evil laughing). 

DiMella Shaffer

This Boston architecture firm needed to standardize their brand identity and create a flexible, integrated marketing system that made it easy to prepare complex proposals, tradeshow materials and press kits without sacrificing their ability to customize content according to the situation. Working with design director Rod Tilley, I helped the organization create a fully integrated set of design standards and marketing templates that could be run off on a standard color copier, or on a digital press when needed.

Cooper Perkins

Cooper Perkins is a technology development firm that creates highly integrated electro-mechanical systems. Their projects have ranged from high end consumer products to an artistic lighting system for a city park. In communicating their value to potential clients, they needed a communication strategy that showcased the breadth and depth of the firm's projects. They also needed to express their value in a way that spoke both to engineers who "get" the techie stuff they do, and marketing execs who tended to need more basic information.

Joanna Scaparotti

Joanna Scaparotti helps wellness professionals move beyond their emotional and mental blocks to build the practice of their dreams. I worked with her to help create the vision for her business, and develop a brand and positioning strategy, along with a full Drupal implementation, that resonated with her audience and made it easier to interact with them.

New Leaf Legal

New Leaf Legal, a bold new law firm in the Boston area, provides contract and entertainment law services for artists, entertainers and startups. They needed a brand that "didn't look like a law firm." They wanted something that showed them for what they are: a group of smart, tech-savvy lawyers with a passion for entrepreneurship.

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