User Research and UX Strategy

User research for companies, academic articles and other projects.

UXC Content Strategy

The Bentley User Experience Center provides user research, usability testing and design strategy for a global list of clients, and performs over 50 studies per year in its two usability labs. They needed their website content to reflect their unique expertise, and help them continue growing in their innovation and strategy work. During my last semester as a Research Associate, I worked with them to create an action plan for keeping the content on their website fresh, compelling, and up to date - without sacrificing their focus on serving their clients.

UX Strategy, Drupal Community Tools Team

I was brought in as the UX Lead on the Drupal Community tools team in April of 2014, at the same time that I was taking a course on UX Leadership at Bentley University. For my final assignment in the course, I took the opportunity to assess the overall UX maturity of our current community tools, craft a vision for the products that our team currently oversees, and use this strategy as a springboard for the team to prioritize its UX work.

UX Strategy for Intuit

The design leadership at Intuit wanted to know what elements can take otherwise negative or emotionally challenging experiences—such as those that many of us face when dealing with personal finances—and turn them into surprisingly positive, perhaps even delightful, experiences that encourage changes in behavior.

Berklee College of Music: Internal Systems Redesign and Information Architecture Refresh

Over a period of eight months, I worked with the college to identify and organize content, envision and prototype new functionality, and keep the team moving forward quickly. The result was a widely-applauded new experience for the campus community, and development of a closely-knit team committed to improving


  • Meetings with departments across the college campus to uncover content needs, talk through requirements, and socialize a highly political redesign project.

Study of French Drupal Contributors

In January of 2014, I traveled with a dozen students, two professors and an earnest French bus driver named Gerard to France, in order to study how innovation happens in cultures that are steeped in traditions, history and a language that is far removed from that of the United States. During the trip, we traveled up and down the countryside and visited cheese farms, a vineyard, and multiple roadside gas stations—and also visited Airbus, Dassault Systems, Michelin, and other globally operating French enterprises.

Drupal Contributors Pilot Survey

This pilot survey, conducted in fall of 2013 for a Research Methods course, looked at the motivations of contributors to the Drupal ( open-source project. Our goal is to assess differences in motivating factors between those who contribute code and non-code contributors. To inform future research on non-contributors, we also collected open-ended data related to those who had considered contributing, but chose not to.

Project Giving Kids Field Research

Project Giving Kids ( is a new website designed to connect parents and their children, aged 7-12, to philanthropic opportunities in the Boston area. It does this through building partnerships with Boston-area nonprofit organizations to identify age-appropriate activities that it lists on its website.

This research was conducted during the month of December 2013 with 11 parents and 5 children, aged 8-11. Its goals were to answer the following research questions:

Emotional Eating Diary Measure

Emotional eating is the practice of eating in response to negative emotions, like stress or depression. A longtime problem in my own life and my family, I started my final semester at Lesley University looking at the most current research about this behavior. What I found was striking: while researchers were clear that the behavior exists, the results of several studies could not show that emotional eaters actually ate more during negative moods.

Web Syllabus

Babson College, an international business school located in Wellesley, MA and San Francisco, is using Drupal to improve upon key aspects of the school's Learning Management System (LMS). I worked with the College to develop user research, create wireframes, specifications and prototypes, and gather requirements for several components of this system.

My contributions to the projects included: 

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