Drupal Workshop at BU Center for Digital Imaging


Saturday, June 23, 2012 to Sunday, June 24, 2012

Location: BU Center for Digital Imaging, Waltham MA

In this two-day workshop, I'll cover: 

  • A strategy for setting up a local development on the Mac platform for faster development;
  • How to install and configure Drupal 7 on their local development environment;
  • How to talk to clients about information architecture, and what information you need up front to work efficiently in Drupal;
  • How to find the right modules to support your site plan;
  • How to break down a wireframe or design layout, to determine how Drupal constructs content within the site;
  • The basics of setting up content types, blocks and Views (two fundamental activities in Drupal site building);
  • How to choose the right base theme for your project, and create a sub-theme for customization;
  • An overview of the theme layer, LessCSS and theming strategy.

Cost for the workshop is $249 for the general public.