Drupal Site Planning: Let User Experience Guide Workflow

Too many websites start with a list of functionality, and get straight into building out wireframes and prototypes without a solid sense of who their users are and what experience they’re looking to have with your site. The result? A website that isn’t effective at reaching the audience that you need to reach, or extra work re-doing things during development once you realize that users don’t actually need it, or need something different. This presentation outlines a simple, practical approach to user experience that you can use to start a site plan on the right foot.

Basic points covered include:

  • Ways to talk clients through the user experience that they want to create through their site; 
  • Using audience research to identify key content "landing areas," and defining the key components of those pages; 
  • Using simple wireframes and prototypes to flesh out the user experience of these key "landing areas" and refine architecture and user experience prior to design and development; 
  • Taking all of this work and using it to help define blocks, views, taxonomy, etc. that you need to use throughout the site development process.

Session presented at Design for Drupal Camp Boston, June 2010.

Link to presentation: View presentation on Slideshare